Since I never went a full week of blogging, I never decided what Thursday would be, so I've decided that on Thursdays I will share with you all bars that either I have visited and am obsessed with, since I'd like to give you some first hand perspective, or places I desperately would like to visit but have no time to do so due to my indentured servitude at my job.

Today I will share with you a place that falls into the first of the two categories, and the name of the place is called, Common Ground. I stumbled onto this place last year during one of my Happy Hour Club (yes, I even had organized drinking occasions!) excursions. The place looks like a study/library straight out of Clue. Our president at the time suggested the place due to the happy hour and appetizer specials, in addition to the fact that you can play board games while indulging on both. The first time I visited I was preoccupied, running to Happy Hour Club and running from Happy Hour Club, as per usual triple booking myself, so I really didn't get to experience all the greatness that is Common Ground!

However, I recently revisited Common Ground in February for Happy Hour, and let's just say we were feeling so great when we left that we ended up down in Village until well after 3 that night! Some of the specials that I gravitate towards are the $2 pints of Yuengling and Miller Lite, while my friend took advantage of the $5 Cosmos and Apple Martinis, that she literally had to water down!

True to my love of food and eating grandious amounts of it, you really can't beat the buy one get one appetizers and paninis! It really tastes like gourmet food and I don't think that's the alcohol talking. The selections that I personally had that I would recommend the brie and apricot crostini, the bacon avacado cheddar and onion panini and last but certainly not least the almond stuffed dates wrapped in bacon as recommended by our very attentive waitress. It was so good we wrapped it up in our friend's pocketbook, much like a poor man's doggy bag and saved it for our friend, the bacon expert, to judge for herself; she concurred that this was truly not a dish to be missed.

As far as the scene goes, it is slightly conducive to meeting people. My friend, unknowingly grabbed the only table that was open, which just happened to be where all the board games were kept, so we had a frequent flow of patrons coming our way... most were gay. Being the single ladies we are, we didn't see any potential husbands, but it's not to say Mr. Right couldn't be there on another night. There are comfortable couches in the front and back, but the early bird gets the worm and since it was Friday, that was not us. I would definitely recommend this place for after work drinks and food, or a low key birthday party.

So check it out for yourself and report back as to your take on the bacon wrapped dates!

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