In keeping with the momentum of today and the sweltering weather compared to yesterday's flurries, I have decided to share a rooftop bar I stumbled across while researching for a place for one of my friend's bdays: Me Bar. The place is actually pronounced "May" Bar, with an accent over the "e," the Korean word for mountain, which is represented in its' sky high locale. While I haven't actually been there as of yet, this is one of those places I aspire to visit, especially during the summer when rooftop bars are a hot commodity to come by.
Located on the 14th Floor of Murray Hill's La Quinta Inn, Me Bar is one of the few places that has a heated rooftop area that is open year round. The quaint lounge with a view of the Empire State Building, has been covered by the likes of the NY Post, USA Today, New York Magazine, Time Out New York, and included in Shecky's 2006 edition of Bar, Club & Lounge Guide. The place is also praised on my favorite website since Citysearch, Yelp, for being one of the last unpretentious rooftop bars in the city. (Although one of my personal fave rooftop bars is Brass Monkey. If you watch Bravo as much as I do, you've caught Brass Monkey as the place that Kelly and Bethenny had their infamous "chat"!)
Some of the downsides of the bar is that it is said to be open until "at least midnight," which isn't very promising for a late nightcap, and the Shecky's article warns to call ahead since the place is usually closed for private parties, which takes the greatness of a spontaneous stop out of the question.
Fret not. The website, with it's humorous speech bubbles very reminiscent of Perez's unsuspecting post-edit comments, will show you the place doesn't take itself too seriously and might be worth checking out amidst its' faults.
If you go before me you better let me know what you think!

♥ S
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