Hey Everyone! So writing the Crucial Element article has sparked my blog writing bug again, so let's start this blog thing again with Website Wednesday. If you guys like to laugh as much as I do, you will enjoy the Someecards website. Most of you might be familiar with this website if you were ever all about bumper stickers on Facebook, since most of the politically incorrect ones were thanks to the website. If you are a sarcastic person, such as myself, you will appreciate the way that the e-cards are worded to commemorate forced occasions, such as apologies and graduations. Someecards even has cards that comment on current events, such as College Basketball, the changing seasons, current technology, and the economic climate, as above, among other topics.
So if you feel inclined to let someone know you're thinking about them, keep up with the times, send an e-card, and while you're at it, send one from Someecard, and show them just how much you care!
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