So another decision has been made based on my blog model and I have decided that Wednesdays will be reserved strictly for websites that I think are worthy of pointing out, unless something really pressing happens that specific day, in which case we will interupt your regularly scheduled program!

Today's website is: The Fail Blog! If you've seen any of these "FAIL" pictures you already understand the sentiment behind these kind of photos. If not, let me explain. The whole idea behind "Fail"ed photos is that photographers, usually novice, capture moments that they encounter going about their day that falls short of what it set out to accomplish. For example, the picture that is depicted here shows a pool aparatus that needs a knob to turn it on, yet the machinery has an on and off switch, which makes the instructions null and void or a "FAIL". "Fail" moments vary from emails, to news captions, to videos, and onward.

So if you ever feel like you're not the smartest cookie in the batch, feel free to check this website out to remind yourself that at least you're not guilty of one of these "Fail"ed moments :)

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