Okay, so I'm still getting use to this blogging thing, and have decided that each Tuesday from here on in, I will be talking about music-related things. I mean ITunes has New Music Tuesdays, so why not piggyback onto that.

So today, we're talking about old school mixtapes. No one really makes them anymore because we don't really utilize/threw our cassette tape players out the window. Granted, for a while it was cute to make a "mixcd," but nowadays with personal MP3 players taking over, what are you going to do? Woo your sweetheart by borrowing their Ipod and putting a playlist on it?! Kind of inconvenient and unpractical, and if it was me I wouldn't go a day without my Ipod so that option would be out!

Welcome the mixtape for the new generation. 8tracks is a website where you upload a total of 8 tracks that are to your liking or utilize 8tracks existing library to communicate your inner emotions. From there, 8tracks users can search for your playlist based on you as a DJ, a genre you used, an artist the playlist includes or the feeling the playlist exudes. For example, some of the current featured playlists include, "Songs that make you feel better,"Getting Things Done Mix," and my personal fave, "electro-hobo."

So if you were wondering how to convey your thoughts without blatantly saying them, mixtapes are again an option so you can return to being emotionally ambiguous! Enjoy!

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