In the middle of June, Somewhere Nowhere, owned by Sameer Qureshi and Nathan Leong,  unveiled their rooftop pool for the season and kicked off their Gotham Jazz series, in case just showcasing your rooftop pool was not ambitious enough. Gotham Jazz is a newly launched weekly Wednesday party with acts of almost every variety, making it a can't miss night out in NYC. 


Before even entering the venue, it is clear this place is where to be. There were three lines to get in, all for various floor access and reasons, from corporate happy hours to private cocktail parties to “just to dance.” Once upstairs, you’re immediately taking in the breathtaking views, with the Empire State Building front and center as the sun sets.

Then you descend down the painted staircase to the interior that Quresh confessed was meant to be a “magical forest in the middle of Manhattan,” and that guests many times will forget where they are if they’re not facing the windows. The interior is fit for the backdrop of any well funded Broadway show or your best decorated dreams.

The entertainment started with a surprise performance from The Womack Sisters before The Hot Toddies Jazz Band took over with Hannah Gill on vocals, Gabe Terracciano on violin, Ron Wilkins on trombone, Justin Poindexter on guitar, Wallace Stelzer on bass, Patrick Soluri on drums with special musical guests Professor Cunningham and Danny Jonokuchi also joining in. 

Performances included world renown tap dancer DeWitt Fleming Jr, burlesque performances from Gin Minsky and Lilin Lace, an aerial act from Laura Haley and music from DJ Andrius. For more information on Gotham Jazz or other Somewhere Nowhere events, please visit

Photos Courtesy of Nina Galicheva and Stephanie Carino

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