1. Freshly
PROS: Meals are pretty tasty even for coming out of the microwave and are healthier on-the-go alternatives
CONS: Menu gets repetitive and doesn't switch out often
DISCOUNT: Save $40 on 2 deliveries (and save me $40 on my next two deliveries!), which will make each meal only $6.50 HERE

2. Kettlebell Kitchen
PROS: You can choose between a la carte and meal plans and get delivered to pick up at Crunch!
CONS: The dishes can be pretty bland because they are healthy for you!
DISCOUNT: Save $25 off your first order of $50 of more (essentially 50% off your order and save me $25 off my next order too!) HERE

3. Mealpal
PROS: Save tons on restaurants you already go to like Chloe's, Sarabeths and Harry's Italian and more! You can also choose your meals up to a week in advance.
CONS: You have to buy a package of meals all at once, which can be a lot of money at one time. I suggest the plan where you can use the meals at your leisure and do not have to have them all within a month. You also can't be lazy and have to pick it up during your designated time
DISCOUNT: No discount, but you still get lunch or dinner for under $7 HERE

Have you tried any of these services? Let me know what you think!

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