For anyone that follows my Insta, you're aware that I became a big fan of the Caravan Stylist Studio after my experience with the team glamming me up during the holiday season last year. The studio provides appointment only hair, makeup and stylist services to bloggers, influencers and celebrities for shoots and events while also bringing exposure to new up and coming brands. Valerie Star, celebrity makeup artist, hair stylist and overall badass, provides the expertise. On occasion, the studio will bring you back when they have new products they want you to be aware of and after the hustle and bustle of NYFW ceased and desisted, they invited past clients to come in and decompress with a manicure utilizing polishes from Defy and Inspire, Target's very own nail polish line.

 For anyone that knows me, you know I am always down to try a new product, especially when it's of the beauty variety and I'm never one to shy away from a mani. What's great about Defy and Inspire, besides the color selection and price point ($7.49!), is that the polish is considered "9 free" nontoxic nail polish, which means it does not contain DBP, Toulene, Formaldeyde Resin, Camphor, Propyl-paraben, Butyl-paraben, Phthalates, Formaldeyde-donors or Nonylphenol ethoxylate. So not only are you going to look cute, but you will not be applying harmful polish to your body, which is a no brainer. 

The line debuted mid-January and some of the polish names are reality TV inspired, although mine was called Bright Eyes or what I think is currently Glitter 3 on the site. We're about a week in and my polish has not chipped an inch, which is impressive for a non gel polish. Caravan also sent me home with a goody bag chock full of products from their other promoted brands like Sheree Cosmetics, Patchology and  Dropps, so I was a happy camper. 

To get a polish or five for yourself, visit the Target site or your local store. To apply to visit the Caravan Stylist Studio so they can get you ready for your next big night out, visit here


Photos Courtesy of Caravan Stylist Studio, Valerie Star and Stephanie Carino

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