As a blogger, I often get email pitches with for a lot of things I'm not interested in. Getting the email about Frank Body was a pleasant surprise to be reminded of something I didn't know I needed. I mean, what girly girl can you name that doesn't like to try out new beauty products?! This has been a long time coming, but I wanted to make sure I got this up!

One of the lowest maintenance introductions you can make with a product is at a pop up shop. It's almost like meeting a blind date with friends or forwarding on a resume for a friend to see if the employer is interested first. This is how Frank Body approached breaking into the US Market and letting us know they were here.

I headed to the trendy Sweatshop NYC in Williamsburg last summer, which I later found out was the location of choice because the owners knew the team from back home. The space had been transformed with custom art from local artist, Timothy Goodman, and a custom menu to round out the overall concept. I was treated to an iced coffee with macadamia milk (it's a must) and the Francine, an Instagram-worthy dragonfruit bowl.
I had the pleasure of sitting down with Erika Geraerts, one of the founders of Frank Body. This golden goddess was so striking with her sun-kissed blonde hair and fair skin that I thought to myself what are they putting in that Australian water out there?! AND if they put even a drop of it in their products, I would be set for life.

While I was ecstatic to receive a goodie bag of products to try in the comfort of my own home I told Erika my sob story of being burnt to a crisp in Montauk and how I was afraid my skin would rub off if I used the scrub. Erika bestowed on me the Body Balm and insisted I use it that night on my watermelon-colored skin to make it like brand new the next day. I don't usually believe in miracle products, but I applied very sparingly a few times before bed and was astounded to see that Erika was right and my skin had recouped by the next morning.

Since the event, I've been using the Coffee Scrub weekly. While the only downside is the messy aesthetic in the tub, the smooth and glossy look and feel of your skin after the process is well worth it. It's comforting too to know that these products are using natural aids in getting the results of putting your best foot forward. I've also become addicted to the Lip Scrub and Lip Balm Duo, since you don't need to wash off the scrub afterwards, it just sort of dissolves. Blame it on the addictive nature of caffeine! As we head back into warmer months, these products should be a must in your beauty arsenal.

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