Last month I finally got a chance to check out Alder. It might've been the announcement of the closing of WD~50 and the fact that I would never get there that motivated me, but regardless of the reason, I got there and it was amazing.

We started our meal off with a bevi, and opted for the Bartlett & Jaymes, a delightful concoction of  Pimm's, pears, rum and apple brandy, served with a fun paper straw in a fun cup. The cocktail lasted our entire meal!

We ordered a bunch of small plates and ended up ordering one more because we were still hungry! We were first served Shrimp on Shrimps, ruby red shrimp, on a bed of green papaya salad on a shrimp cracker, topped with peanuts. The dish was very light and refreshing for the first course.

The Toasted Honey Bread sounded like a heavy dish, but very much like the Shrimp on Shrimps was very light as well. This was a perfect fall dish with the uni-pumpkin and sunflower.

The Rye Pasta with shaved pastrami was my favorite dish of the night. The flavors melded perfectly together and I probably could've eaten three more dishes of it.

For our final dish we opted out of dessert and went for one more savory dish. We were between the "Pigs in a Blanket" and Eggplant Ribs and I guess you can tell which one we went with. The Chinese sausage with Japanese mustard, and sweet chili sauce took a usual cocktail appetizer and elevated it to be more of a sophisticated but still tasty dish. It also made me plan in my head when I would be back to try the other dishes I didn't get to.

Overall, this experience was great. The ambiance and decor is great for a girly get together or date. I think I even saw a business dinner there when we visited. The presentation and taste of the food was on point and I can't wait to go back and try the dishes I didn't get to. I also can't wait for football season to end so we can try out the Sunday Brunch.

Have you tried Alder? Do you agree with my #FoodCrushFriday nomination? Let me know what you think via Twitter.

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