Every year for my birthday I try to do something a little out of the norm, and this year was no exception. A month ago I partnered forces with four bars around the city to create a NYC Bar Scavenger Hunt for my friends to go on. Seven teams of four met at Penn Station (due to the dreary rain-threatening weather) to await the first clue that was sent via email to the team captains. 

Hey Everyone!
Welcome to the NYC Bar Scavenger Hunt! So I know it's not ideal weather, so I tried to pick something "nearby," which can also be considered the name of the first bar!
That's your first clue GO!
Team Scrubs was the first team to correctly guess the location, Local, so we headed across the street for our first stop. The prize for the first guess was a round of drinks, so Team Scrubs chose their drink of choice and then headed upstairs to the Garden Patio to join the rest of the teams while waiting for the next clue. Local has amazing small plates like Local sliders, mac n’ cheese and buffalo chicken tenders. They also have innovative cocktails like Cucumber Cooler, which was comprised of organic cucumber vodka, mint, simple syrup, lemonade, and cucumber slices. While people were busy talking and drinking, I sneakily sent the 2nd clue.

Alright Teams!
     So for the next clue, we're going to go into music trivia! Beastie Boys are pretty iconic for NY, so let's try some lyrics!
(insert word here) (insert word here), that funky (insert word here)!

Team Dickster and the Dirty Bits were the team to guess Brass Monkey the quickest, so we jumped on the E and headed over. We were a little early for our reservation, but the staff at Brass Monkey did their best to secure us a table to serve as a home base for our group of 30. What I like about Brass Monkey is that they’re in the heart of the Meatpacking District, but still maintain an unpretentious ambiance. That and the food/drinks/people are worth the trip. We bought a plethora of small plates like fries, mozzarella sticks, hummus, guacamole with hand- cut tortilla chips, artichoke dip and quesadillas, which were devoured almost immediately. After shots and drinks were had, I tried to hide in the corner to send the next clue.

Okay, so we're staying with the music theme and as a wise Lil' Jon once said:
(blank) ya fingers, do ya step
You can do it all by yo self!
Fill in the blank! Go!
Team Dickster and the Dirty Bits were on a roll and guessed Snap Sports Bar correctly. Since it was within walking distance, the posse headed over. Snap was nice enough to reserve us an area and accommodate the extra room we needed for the rest of the group. The setting was somewhat mellow since all of the guys were glued to the screens watching the current UFC fight, but the rest of us had no problem digging into the recently added food menu and signature cocktails like the $6 alcoholic lemonade.  Once the group seemed sufficiently distracted, it was time for the last clue!:

Last clue!!
If you leave tonight without saying goodbye I’ll be sad, but it can also be considered the next bar!

Team Scrubs jumped on the last clue of the night with the correct answer of Irish Exit, winning them the coveted I’m Not At Work cards that were generously donated by the company.  They also evened up the score with Dickster and the Dirty Bits of two wins for the evening. I tried to appease those that didn’t win with the following:
But don’t fret if you didn’t win! Half-priced drinks for EVERYONE until midnight at Irish Exit AND a free drink after that! Who’s down?! 
People hopped in cabs and headed to Irish Exit, where they had reserved a spacious area for us in the back. This was helpful since the place was packed by the time we got there. The back room was perfect for the dance party that was inevitable after a day of drinking. 

Overall, it was an extremely memorable day that encouraged competitive nature and camaraderie at the same time while frequenting some of my favorite spots in the city. How many times can you say you’ve scavenger hunted through the city?! I definitely recommend it!

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