If you haven't heard me talk about Signpost before, then you haven't been listening. It's a community-based website where people, like me, post deals so that other people can reap the benefits.  This goes for things like food, spas, and my forte, events. Signpost also has followed suit with the other websites out there by offering deals. Where they differ, is by not only offering accessible deals that people would use everyday, but you can also accumulate points by posting and buying deals to redeem later on. An example of some of these deals are $8 for a Men's Haircut, $10 for $20 at Allmenus.com, or one of my personal favorites, 50% off a shampoo, haircut, and style

This all brings me to my next order of business, the GIVEAWAY! Signpost knows I'm one of their biggest fans, so they've given me a deal to giveaway to my readers, a 30 minute tarot card reading with Psychic Serena (She even has a Facebook page!), which is worth $75 and going for $25 on their site. All you have to do to enter to win, is sign up with Signpost (You're going to want to do this anyway to go to their open bar April 6th!) and write your Signpost username in the comments section of this post. Easy as pie! Unfortunately, this giveaway is restricted to those that live in the tristate area and can get to NYC to use the deal and those that have not signed up for Signpost yet. Good luck and maybe just maybe Psychic Serena will be able to tell you whether or not a Spring fling is in your future!

Stephanie said...

Sign post user Ltloabudget

Evie said...

Evienyc on Signpost

Stephanie Carino said...

Hey Guys, i love ya but one of the stipulations for the contest is being new to signpost and I'm pretty sure you're both veterans! :)

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