A couple months ago, one of the blogs I follow, Socially Superlative, starting mentioning an exclusive members only club from Stella Artois called, La Societe`. This organization was supposedly the key to unlocking exclusive events in major cities. When someone tells me something is exclusive and not for everyone, I immediately have to be a part of it, especially when it deals with social occasions and events, which is what I live for here in NYC (If you couldn’t tell already from the content of my blog!).
So once I found out that there were only a limited amount of invitations, I jumped on all the opportunities to get a code. That includes a contest that Socially Superlative had the privilege of holding for the launch of La Societe`, through an email that I think I recall being a sponsored email from NY Mag and through requesting an invite from the La Societe` website directly. Of course with my luck I heard back from all three and I was officially given clearance into the lavish lifestyle of La Societe`.

Now, there are many aspects of the elite membership that I like and some that I would like to change (and hope might get changed by reaching out to them through this write-up!) The first pro is that this is an incentive-based project that rewards you for being social via popular social media networks, Facebook and Twitter. Um, hello! I do that everyday to begin with! Also, depending on what topic you're sharing and how you share that topic, be it tweet or Facebook update or twitpic, you gain different types of points. This includes recommendations on restaurants, clubs, entertainment and art-related information and sports mentions. 
What do these points get you, you ask? These points can be used to exchange for one in a lifetime events, opportunities and experiences that you would not get the chance to do otherwise...unless you were an uber connected individual, but in that case, what would you need La Societe` for to begin with? Some examples of these rewards would be tickets to Heidi Klum's Annual Halloween Bash, A NY Helicopter Ride, a week membership to Equinox, etc. Also, if you fit the cumulative points level that they sporadically mention, you could be entered in for even more elite contests just for being a member, like their current contest to be sent to the Sundance Film Festival on them!
Festive Lighting
I actually just bit the bullet about a month ago and utilized my points on a dinner at the James Beard House. Not sure how many of you are self-proclaimed foodies like myself and understand the importance of the James Beard House, but it is the be all end all of dining experiences. Getting an award from the James Beard Foundation is considered once of the highest honors you can receive within the Culinary World, so it was an honor just to be in this realm for an evening. La Societe` did not just get me two seats to a $170 dollar dinner. I was placed at the Chef’s Table for the evening, which is, again, considered one of the most prestigious places to be sat at an event like this. If you are seated at this table for the night, you are considered a Very Important Person, which made me appreciate the cause of La Societe` even more. We were seated with the likes of Christopher Papagni, the Vice President of Education and Student Affairs of the French Culinary Institute, who was also the host for the night and allowed me to ask, Chef Martindale of  John Davenport's at Omni New Haven Hotel a question during the Q&A session after our fantastic dinner. Some highlights of the dinner were:

Georges Bank Scallop with Madras Curry and Chive Hash Browns
Long Island Duck with Parsnip Purée, Fig–Almond Compote, and Port
Tuna with Lime Caviar and Kombu
Chai Gelato with Chocolate–Espresso Soda

Short Ribs with Seared Sweet Potatoes and Braised Red Cabbage
Monmousseau Brut Etoile NV

Obviously I have a LOT of positive things to say about La Societe`, but I would not be subjective if I did not have some constructive criticism to give as well. Some of my gripes would be that I was only allotted 10 invitations to give out, when I could’ve easily given out many more being the Social Butterfly that I am. I mean, I can understand that the idea of exclusivity gets diluted when anyone can get in, but if I was invited in and invite in like-minded individuals, doesn’t that count too? (Bottom line, give me more invites please? :) ) Also, as comprehensive as the points system is, I always have to email to get my activity to count, even though I follow all of the guidelines to a T. It is a lot of double work, when I should be out doing things instead of emailing about things I have done! In La Societe`’s defense this is a new program and they’re still working out the kinks. Their rep, Laurel is extremely helpful and for the most part very accessible for issues such as these. They make sure within those emails to make you feel like an important member, which is definitely appreciated!
So bottom line? This is the best club you could never get into, should you be able to get into it! I’m sure there’s still some invites floating around the Interverse in case you think you fit the bill, or you can try to apply through La Societe` directly if you believe that you are La Societe` material. Until then, expect a lot of tweets with the #lasociete hashtag and a lot of crossed fingers and toes until they announce their winner for the Sundance trip!
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