May 21st from 6-7pm
44 East 63rd Street

So I was here for the first time on Cinco de Mayo and had a ball, so I definitely recommend this as your to-do this week! The view of the sunset is unreal too! Believe me, you'll thank me later! Now some tips:

1) This thing starts at 6, you're going to want to get here by at LEAST 5:30.  Afterwards the line is astronomical and you potentially will not even get one free drink.
2) If you can't, see if a buddy or two can. for multiple reasons:
    A) To save a spot on line, although people will give you dirty looks if you jump in front of them... just don't look back!
    B) To save an ideal spot for your crew to sit... you do not want to get stuck inside Friday, it is going to be 82 and beautiful!
    C) To double up on drinks until you drag your ass out of work!

The ideal situation is two friends that get out before 5:30 so that they can simultaneously work on "B"and "C" and an additional friend that happens to get to "A" as you approach the line. Then again I don't know how deep you roll, but I figured I would share what I know from experience! If you do happen to attend, be on the lookout for me so you can say "hey!" and definitely let me know if you enjoyed yourself!

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