Now, I'm game for open bars, but four in one night is getting a little tricky! That being said, I hardly ever turn down a Paper Magazine event, and the fact that Svedka is sponsoring the two hour open bar? (Who am I kidding, I rarely turn down an open bar, period!) Well that's just trouble and I like it! Need help prioritizing? Try this:

5:50-6:50 pm- Butterfield 8 Open Bar
7:00-8:00 pm-The Hill Open Bar Courtesy of Overtime
8:00-10:00 pm- Rely on Coovents to supply a happy hour in between parties, or visit my go-to happy hour at Key Bar. OR use your potential I'm Not At Work membership card to get 24/7 Happy Hour around the city! (Blog on INAW coming tomorrow. Want a card but at a discounted price? Use the code "SCAR" for $5 off!)
10:00-10:40 pm Check out the secret Chinese New Year Party (Location has been revealed, but RSVP is CLOSED!) and be one of the first people to get there to get the Asian Dog! (They're saying it's an Asian spin on a hot dog... I hope so! :-/ )
10:50-12:00 pm- "Best Promoter" Party for Andy Shaw at the Studio at Webster Hall.
12:01- Head home, you've had a long night!

Don't forget all thse parties do require an RSVP so get on it! Hope to see you out and about! FourSquare me!

Invite courtesy of Socially Superlative.
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