Hey Everyone! I'm so excited that I have consistently written for a week and am already amped for round 2 this week! This is more than I've posted in the past two years! Granted I didn't post over the weekend and from what I saw, you might've missed out on some potentially great events, but I was back home on LI and my sister isn't the type to share her laptop. Needless to say it's nothing we all can't bounce back from and make better with the events for this week!

Initially I decided just to share the events I planned on going to or that I myself would attend to narrow down the many choices of free events in the city, but not everyone is exactly like me and I'm sure you guys want options! So I'll be posting some additional events that I might not be able to attend, but you sure can!

So get ready for another week and keep your eyes open, these events come up quickly!! Also make sure to follow me on Twitter, I tend to post or retweet events that I don't have time to post here.
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